Connecting the Dots

I Develop Wholistic Brand Identities:

Beyond the Visuals

Branding is a well oiled system, one with many parts that are dependent on the function of each of the parts in order to function properly. Think of the work of art we know as the human body, for instance. Each part of the body has its own identity and distinctive function. However, the malfunction of any one of those parts could be the catalyst for disease in the body. Creating a wholistic brand with consideration to each and every part, as opposed to arbitrary and individual pieces, ensures that your brand will be impactful, distinctive and solidify your authority.

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Additional Design Work

Marketing Collateral and Extending Beyond Foundational Branding

While my focus is designing complete brand identity systems, it is also crucially important to showcase the results of continuing to stay consistent with your visual branding throughout other marketing collateral and campaigns. Laying the foundation paves the way!

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